• WP1 (Study Design): WP1 specifies: (a) the protocol of measurements, and (b) the scientific and technical standards for the design, structure and functionalities of the integrated information system.
  • WP2 (Clinical Data Collection): At the end of WP2, complete sets of clinical, biochemical and ultrasound imaging data will have been collected for a sufficiently large number of patients.
  • WP3 (Biochemical Analysis): A number of biochemical markers are estimated from blood/serum specimens.
  • WP4 (Ultrasound image analysis): Ultrasound image recordings are processed and analysed to produce image-based markers representing features of the arterial wall.
  • WP5 (Development of CAD system): During WP5, associations between etiology and phenotype of the disease will be investigated and a system will be developed to assist the therapeutic decision.
  • WP6 (Integration): Integration of new knowledge in an information system that can be used in clinical practice.
  • WP7 (Dissemination): The objectives, progress and results of the project are disseminated to the scientific community.